Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 2 Kurikulum 2013

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Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 2 Kurikulum 2013


One day a fox was bragging to a cat. “I’m so smart. I know a lot of tricks, I know a hundred different ways to escape from my enemies.”
“That’s wonderful!” said the cat. “I only know one trick. Can you teach me some of yours?” “Well, may be,” said the fox.
At the moment they heard a pack of wild dogs running toward them. The cat ran up a tree and disappeared. “This is the trick, I told you about, said the cat. “It’s my only one. Which trick are you going to use?”
The fox sat there trying to decide which trick to use. He thought for a long time. Then, decided to run. But it was too late. The wild dogs got there before he could run away and ate him up.1. 

The main idea of paragraph I is that….
a. the fox was the cat’s enemies
b. the fox was a boastful animal
c. the fox had a lot of enemies
d. there were many ways to escape from enemies 
e. the fox knew a lot of tricks to beat his enemies

2. What happened to the fox when some wild dogs ran toward him?
a. He sat still. d. He was killed by the wild dogs.
b. He climbed up the tree. e. He disappeared to avoid the wild dogs. 
c. He showed his only trick.

3. Which statement is TRUE according to the text? 
a. The cat was smarter than the fox.
b. The fox and the cat had the same tricks.
c. The fox could avoid the wild dogs running toward him. 
d. The fox had a hundred ways to escape from his enemies.
e. The fox could teach the cat how to escape from his enemies.

4. What could we learn from the fox?
a. A wise man will not easily be deceived.
b. People do not always think what they say.
c. Clever people do not need lengthy explanation.
d. To get the best in life, one must not easily contented.
e. A person’s action are more important than what she/he says.

5. “At the moment they heard a pack of wild dogs running toward them.” (par. 4) 
What does the word `they’ refer to?
a. The wild dogs. 
b. The fox and the dogs.  
c. The fox and the cat.

d. The cat and the dogs.
e. The fox, the cat and the dogs.


Some people have problem to sleep. Of course it will disturb their daily activities. Well, sleeping is very important for human beings. Did you know why?
You know, sleep is a simple and natural way of relaxation. After a good night’s sleep, we wake up refreshed and relaxed. In sleep, we enter the different world of our fantasy. While we sleep, our sub¬¨conscious mind takes us on a trip and our tired mind is rested and relaxed. Every part of our body will have its rest. Further, the refreshment of our mind and body will increase the power and effectiveness of all our faculties.
Considering the importance of sleeping, I think we should have enough sleep. And if someone has a sleeping problem, he/she should find the cause and overcome it. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on their activities during the day.

6. What is the text mainly about?
a. How long we should sleep every day. d. What happens while we are sleeping.
b. Some problems dealing with sleep. e. The refreshment of our mind and body.
c. The importance of sleep.

7. What is the simple and natural way of relaxation?
a. Playing a sport. d. Visiting a tourist resort.
b. Sleeping. e. Hanging out with friends.
c. Sighting.

8. The following are the reasons why sleep is a good way of relaxation, except…
a. We will wake up refreshed
b. Our tired mind is rested while sleeping
c. We enter a different world of our fantasy while sleeping 
d. We often have dreams while sleeping e. All parts of our body will rest while sleeping

9. What does the writer suggest that the readers should do?
a. We should relax when we lose our enthusiasm and feel ourselves miserable.
b. We should spend our spare time by sleeping. 
c. We should have enough sleep. 
d. We should sleep soundly. 
e. We should always relax.

10. “…feel ourselves miserable,….”
The opposite meaning of the word `miserable’ is…
a. angry 
b. frustration 
c. shocked
d. tired
e. delightful 

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